19 October 2008

101 Posts

So, it's been just over a year and a half since robtmichael.blogspot.com came online. Over that time, I've blogged about a lot of stuff.

I've taken my loyal readers to:

Juice Parties
Giant Bananas
Eyebrow Waxings
Mayan Ruins
Ski Slopes

And don't forget all the shows (and people) we've reviewed:

Vampire Weekend in Salt Lake
Heart, Cheap Trick, and Journey
John Mayer
Vampire Weekend in Honolulu

The blog has brought about a lot of family unity:

And it has been a great outlet for some of my weirdest encounters:

It has been a good medium for revealing things I never planned on telling my parents.

And, lest we forget, the blog has shown the world how much I can look like Quasimodo in the following picture:

As the next picture proves:

The first 101 posts were a lot of fun. Just wait and see what the next 101 posts will reveal.


Julie Mack said...

Oh George Michael, how I love you and your blog! :) Keep 'em coming!

Diane said...

Isn't that Rivers Michael?? I honestly can't wait for what's next! You've kept me smiling through all 101 posts! It's been great fun being along for the ride!

Marie said...

I feel so honored to have been there, reading every word that you meticulously typed, and commenting on all that you have created since I found out about the wonder of "more than I wanted to know".

Missy said...

Happy 101 posts! I've had a great time reading your blog.