20 April 2007


Okay, so the previous post was acting a little strange, so I'm starting a new one. Read the one just before this one before reading this one.

Marianne's brother lives here, and no matter what the temperature, I always roll down her window and yell, "Hi Eric." She started it, but I have made it a tradition.

On 200 East between 400 and 500 North, there is this stupid, giant banana. We always drive by, make sure our windows are down, and say, "Stupid banana."

I was over at their apartment the other day, and decided I need to stretch my lower back, and this was the only stretch that would do it for me... This picture, however, was taken in the JRCB (Law Building). I guess I feel like I kinda own the place, since I am a descendent of the namesake... JK.

On my mission, Elder Larson and I would always mimic bucks (deer) when they fight. I've brought that one back with me, and occasionally have been known to buck Audrey or Marianne or a number of other people.

In December I decided to switch to US Bank. Apparently, Tennessee is the only place in the world where Wells Fargo is not. As a general rule of conduct, I always try to avoid as much human contact with bank employees as is possible, sticking with ATMs, internet banking, and phone calls to automated banking voices. For example: When someone has accumulated a lot of coins, he or she usually goes to the bank or to the Coinstar machine. I, however, go to the ATM. I get as many envelopes as I need (filling them with about $2.00 in coins), and deposit them one at a time. Wells Fargo never had a problem (or at least has never called me on it) with me depositing coins in their ATMs, but one Friday I deposited an envelope in the US Bank ATM, and the next Monday morning I got a phone call from a very upset bank official telling me that because of me their ATM had been clogged all weekend thanks to my envelope full of coins. Luckily, since I didn't recognize the number, I didn't answer the phone, and she had to leave me a message, allowing me to even avoid human contact with the bank when I'm in trouble.

As of late, we have become expert elevator jumpers, and it is just assumed that when in an elevator, you jump. We have been caught with all the buttons pushed in the JFSB at least twice, and we always use the secret elevator in the library to avoid suspition. We've decided that jumping is the best when your eyes are closed. When you're going down, your stomach totally turns inside out.


Kimberly and Devon said...

Who the heck has a giant banana in their front yard? What is it for? Just when I thought I knew everything about you. I had no idea you liked to pretend you were a deer. Luke would think that was funny. You should buck him sometime. I'll also have to try that back stretch sometime, it looked like a good one. How do you accumulate so many coins anyway? Doesn't it take more time to deposit them in the atm rather than the coinstar? If I was that bank person I would have been mad too. Now, you probably really should never go there in person because they probably all know your name now. They were probably all talking about you at work that morning saying something like, some idiot clogged up our atm last night while depositing his change. It's funny all of the crazy things we do when we're away at school. Things we would never do in "real" life. Sounds like you've found your Amber and Amanda replacements! One time, I brought home a packet of pizza spices from Caesars pizza and asked Carol if I could make her a sandwich. She kept saying (before she ate the sandwich) "Oh, I have the nicest roommmate" to the person she was talking to on the phone. I used our sandwich maker to grill the sandwich closed and filled it will cheese and the spices. We all waited anxiously for her to take a bite. She took a bite and started to scream because it was so spicy, and me and my other roommates just rolled and rolled with laughter. I guess now that I think about it I probably would have done that to you or Robyn in "real" life. I'm just glad you're having fun! Good Blog!

Grandma Hand said...

Wow what a lot of things you do to keep from being bored. The giant banana intrigued me also. I think your pictures are wonderful. The girls you are going around with (not dating) are really cute. The back stretch is a funny one but if it helps more power to you. I probably would break in half doing that. Some of the fun things that you do are part of being a returned missionary (RM). Keep up blogging this is fun.

RobynandJoe said...

That was a really funny blog. You thought Yoga looked hard when I was doing it in Tennessee, but that back stretch is actually a yoga pose! Good job. I laughed at almost everything in your blog...the giant banana, the elevator jumping, and especially the coin story. Just go into the stupid bank! Maybe you should threaten to switch back to Wells Fargo...just kidding! Love ya!

Susie said...

Next time I am in Provo I am insisting on seeing the giant banana. What is it about being in Provo that makes you do strange things?! I am sure your name is down at the bank for being a trouble maker- you know they don't like those kinds in Provo.

Diane said...

Good thing you didn't try to deposit all the coins you stole from me that way. What a funny story! You know, they probably do have your picture...they have cameras at ATM machines! Your picture is probably posted in the bank! Fun blog!!! Cute girls!!!