20 April 2009

Mom's 28 Years and 12 Days Old

Happy Birthday, Mom (12 Days Ago...)!

28 years ago (don't do the math, it's disturbing), my mom was born. At the beginning of April, we were lucky enough to have her out here so we could celebrate it all together. It was pretty great.

In thinking about this post, I've decided to share some of my favorite mom stories. She's an amazing woman with a huge heart and a lot of personality. If you're lucky to get to know her, you too will be amazed by the woman that she is.

Mom loves music, and has passed her passion on to me. When she was a teenager, she went to a Carlos Santana concert. Alice Cooper happened to be performing at that concert, too. She likes us to think that she went just for Carlos, but I know deep down that she was excited to see Mr. Cooper live.

You must realize that mom has quite a talent to see through facades and look at people for who they are beneath their make-up and theatrics.

I'm sure to her, Alice has always been a nice guy with an affinity for bats.

Now, when I was a teenager, Weezer came out with their single "Hash Pipe." At that point, MTV had taught me what a half pipe was and anyone who knows me now knows that I am very familiar with hash browns...

But the FCC hadn't allowed the media to teach me about hash pipes, yet. Innocently, as we were running some afternoon errands (with some of my friends along for the ride) and listening to "Hash Pipe" on KROQ or Star 98.7 (which was only allowed/tolerated with mom, not dad), I asked my mom what exactly a hash pipe was. In my mind, I think I had concocted some sort of McDonald's snack for skaters.

Mom, who had become all to familiar with hash pipes during her concert days in the 70s, told me the honest truth. I found out that it was a sort of skaters snack that made them crave McDonald's, but it wasn't even close to what I was picturing. I'm sure my friends thought I was an ignorant idiot, but to them, my mom was a superstar.

So, on that note, happy (belated) birthday to the coolest mom around.

Stay tuned next year for more stories.

09 April 2009

Tonight, on Dateline.

For those of you who have been wondering what has been occupying my time and keeping me from blogging, this is it.

And this.

If you watch enough SNL sketches, you'll find at least one you actually like. If you're lucky, you'll find one that even makes you laugh.