14 September 2008

Don't Go Anywhere Without a Camera

(Warning, this is a marathon post.)

It's been quite a weekend.

To kick it off, UCLA came to BYU on Saturday and got shut out, with the Cougs winning, 59-0 (their worst loss in 79 years)! Take that, Bruins.

As the icing on the cake, one of my favorite bands (Rooney) came to Spoon Me (a frozen yogurt shop) in Provo.

Spoon Me



In Provo!

Rooney and I have been friends since 2003, when they released their first album.

Now, five years and one album later, I've finally seen them live. And they only charged $3 at the door.

I really don't know how Spoon Me, a frozen yogurt shop, scored Rooney. And don't ask me how the concert was financed. All I can do is thank my lucky stars that I was informed, and that I was there.

In fact, we got there earlier than most fans to make sure we got optimum placement in front of the stage. The only "people" there with us at 5:45 PM when we arrived to wait (just under four hours before Rooney went on) were FRESHMEN, and we got to stand amid them ALL NIGHT LONG.

At least our placement in front of the stage was optimum.

I was actually right at Robert Schwartzman's feet.

This is Robert Schwartzman.

You may recognize him from The Princess Diaries. He's also the lead vocalist in Rooney. I think he sounds a little like David Cassidy when he sings.

That night, he kicked my elbow and stepped on my hand several times. To make up for it, he shook my hand at the end of the show. I was going for a high five, but genuinely accepted the shake.

As you could probably guess, the freshmen were the only drawback of the night. We did our best to put up with their screams, and their shouts, and their mindless chatter during the two openers' performances. Luckily, once Rooney got on stage the mindless chatter went away. They couldn't "chatter," 'cause they were too busy producing their constant, little-girl-like screaming.

My ears were introduced to new frequencies and decibels of screaming yesterday. I felt like I was at a Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana concert, and that all of the Jonas Brothers had just walked on stage to sing a surprise song, and that the song was introduced by Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom (talk about a tween dream come true). That's how bad the screaming was.

I regained full hearing sometime Sunday afternoon. It was worth the temporary loss.

On Sunday, Cody and I team taught Sunday School. Team teaching is the best thing that's ever happened to the Sunday School program, and I look forward to much more of it through the duration of my new calling.

After Church, things were pretty quiet...until this walked by.

He (or she) turned heads all over the street.

The creature must be going out for The Quill and the Sword.

I find it most disturbing that after the sighting, it disappeared into an apartment building across the street from mine. Who are these people?

After Doña Sebastiana walked by, things calmed down for a while.

Life got exciting again at 7:30 PM, when we celebrated my friend Cory's birth. Happy Birthday, Cory!

His mom sent him some masks to celebrate with. We put them to full use.

Meet my new roommate, Danny. He's the unmasked one...or is it the one with the face on his shoulder?

If there's anything that will mold this post into a cohesive piece, I think it would be the title: "Don't Go Anywhere Without a Camera." You never know what you'll miss.


Grandma Hand said...

Oh my gosh to be at the Y and a cool Junior/senior. Those poor Freshman that are just trying to fit in and get noticed for being really "cool". I really love the pictures and your comments. It brings me up to date with the NOW.

Kaitlyn Thatcher said...

Omgsh when did that crazy man walk by! I can't believe I missed him!!

Diane said...

First of all....Happy Birthday to Cody! I love the masks. I'd probably really like his mom! Second...what in the world is that caped creature?! Was that what you saw when I was talking to you on the phone? Third...Rooney at a yogurt place? Random place for a concert. Good thing it was only $3. And...last but not least....Way to go Cougs! This could have been four posts. Good thing you have a camera to prove it all happened.

Kimberly said...

Carol would drag me all over Rexburg to attend concerts like that...we had so much fun! Your analogy to Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers was Great!!! By the way, was that you texting me back during the BYU game? You kept ending your message with -MJ. You've never done that before. Which reminds me, have you listened to Robyns new voicemail...ugh!!! It's so annoying and it gets me every single time! Okay, totally off subject, but that better not have been you walking around in that dark hooded thing...soooo spooky! Which also reminds me...the other day, Luke was asking me when my birthday is and I told him "Halloween" and at that moment, Del, walked by and said "I wouldn't be announcing that out loud if I were you." Why is a Halloween birthday such a negative thing...are we the only ones in the world who love Halloween? Hmmm...something to think about, right? Call me.

Robyn said...

You introduced me to Rooney...why didn't you call and invite US to the $3 concert? That's in my budget! I'm glad you remember to take your camera with you! Love ya! And just because you guys love my voicemail so much, I think I'm going to leave it like that forevah!

dede said...

1. Rooney was amazing
2. The cloaked man was creepy beyond all reason. I especially feared for my life when he caught me taking pictures of him.
3. The Superman masks are also kinda creepy.
4. I thought that it was your responsibility to talk about the "why would you say that" girl. She was responding to your comment...

Marie said...

Yes, it would be nice to carry one's camera with them at all times. Then if something truly amazing like, oh I don't know, a Rolls Royce drives by, you'll be able to catch the moment forever on film. Tell Danny I said hi (if he even remembers who I am...)