21 July 2008

John Mayer at USANA

Tonight I hit the John Mayer show at the USANA Amphitheater.

I must say that upon my initial inspection, tonight's crowd was a little disappointing. I'm sure someone else would find the people entertaining to watch, but for the most part, everyone there looked like this guy.

And I like to think that I'm not a spectacle. That is, in every picture but this one, which makes me look like Quasi Modo.

Now, the evening wasn't completely devoid of good people watching. After a while, a few gems surfaced, and naturally, I documented them.

The first gem was sitting right next to me. She was a middle-aged, toe-tapping, beer-drinking, flask-toting kinda lady. We made sure to document the flask.

Concessions prices lead me to believe it was filled with water. Her breath says otherwise.

Next, there was this kid.

Notice how you can't see through him. Even during the breaks, he would only sit halfway down. What's worse? Leaning around him caused me to get even closer to flask lady, who had already crossed the line as far as personal space goes.

Back to the concert, my favorite part, besides John Mayer, had to be the free wristbands they were handing out at the gates. Give anything away for free, and automatically you need at least 15. I only got my hands on three.

They say something about John on the other side.

Speaking of John, the show was great.

Colbie Caillat opened. I don't really like anything she sings (besides "Bubbly"), but it says something for the artist when he or she can actually hit the notes that are played on the radio. Good artist, not my style.

Next came John Mayer. He knows how to entertain a crowd, both during and in between songs. He's a true musician, and you can tell he loves what he sings and plays. One highlight was his cover of Tom Petty's "Free Falling."

He's more bluesy than I realized. A lot of his stuff sounds like something I heard long ago at the Long Beach Blues Festival (the first concert I ever attended). Even dad would have liked the show tonight.

We saw Ray Charles at that festival. We also picked up at least 15 free CDs, one of which is now in my possession.

After this week, I have decided that concerts can be a little draining. I don't plan on doing another show for quite a while. I might actually wait for Coldplay in November or Weezer whenever (if ever) they go on tour.

For now, I'll have to find somewhere else to people watch. I always do!


Diane said...

I can't believe you went to ANOTHER concert! Sounds fun! Your style is going to be crimped when school starts again! Was the Long Beach Blues Festival really your first?

Missy said...

Tag! I know, but this is a fun one I promise. Read my blog to understand. Not see-thru guy and flask lady are priceless little funnies. Thanks for that. She probably was hoping to get a number with you leaning in the whole time and all. Not sure what you're talking about when you say kwaziemoto. I guess most good looking guys don't really know it. I'm sure that's a big part of being hetrosexual for men. I mean, really, who wants the ones that know it? Don't take that the wrong way from your cousin-k. Love ya. Later.

Marie said...

Man, I'm jealous about this concert. I wasn't really concerned about missing the other ones, but I actually like John Mayer! And of course, the fact that I've never been to a concert in my life.

Robyn said...

Your Quasi Modo thing made me laugh so hard! You are quite a spectacle in that picture! And did you forget to tell me you were going to yet another concert? Sheesh! And who do you go to these concerts with, anyway?

Aimee said...

Geez michael you must be making a ton of money to be able to afford all these concerts. (smile)Where do you work again? Funny thing is somehow after your last post, I knew that you were going to go to yet another one. I'm surprised that your picture of you at the concert didn't have thumbs up. Very unusual indeed. (smile)

Nice when they give away free stuff. too bad you only got 3. but did you get the 15 CD's from this concert too? IF so RIGHT ON!! that is so COOL!

You really are so funny. If it were me I would have kicked ol' standy guy who wouldn't sit down in the pants, then he would have a reason not to sit down. (smile)

Anyhow - can't wait to hear about more people watching in other ways, I'm sure you'll find them, like you said, you always do. (smile)

Kimberly said...

How many concerts can you go to in a month? Did you rock out to "your body is a wonderland?" Ha ha!

So, I hear you're going to Hawaii! You are so spoiled!

Tina said...

HOW FUN! I am jealous. I was a concert going maniac once. U2, The Cure, Garth Brooks, Reba.
I went to Josh Groban last summer and that was awesome. Its funny what I enjoy now and what I enjoyed THEN. Still LOVE U2 though. They will never get old to me....kinda like Def Leppard...hehehe