21 May 2007


My profile on the Segway!
NO HANDS...how does he do it?
And of course, I had to pose with my classic thumbs ups!

Susie, eat your heart out. Vespas are cool, but Segways are the walking of the future. Just kidding. Last night after I left Robyn's house (where she graciously fed me dinner since I have no food after my trip) I decided that instead of going home for ward prayer I'd go to my friend Marianne's house. Her parents live in Sandy, and there were three things that lured me there. One, they tivo'd the office season finale that I missed, and I got to watch it with them. Two, they had cake (I didn't know until I got there). Three, they have a Segway! Marianne would also add that four they have a baby (her nephew), but as Eric her brother pointed out, boys don't really care as much about other people's babies as girls do... Anyway, after the office and the cake, Marianne and I went outside and played with the Segway. I rode it around the block, I went forward and backward, I went in circles, I rode it sitting, and finally we rode it with two people at a time. We rode it over to a park where we did laps. I really wish that there had been people in their backyards as we made our way over to the park, 'cause it would have looked really weird seeing us gliding along smoothly and effortlessly...kind of witchy! I have now decided that I NEED a Segway. I don't know how or when, but someday I will have a Segway. It's electric, so if I plugged it in at home my roommates would pay for a 3/4 of its gas, without ever realizing...it's the perfect scam! I've since learned that they also have off-roading Segways made perfectly for the trail or the golf course. Now they just need to make them freeway safe, and they'll be set!

05 May 2007

First day in Tegus.

Last night at the President´s house we caught up with him and sister Farrell. Today, we woke up at about 8, got ready, and went to Valle de Angeles. All our missions we heard about how cool it was, but when we got there, we decided that it was nothing compared to Copan. I told mom and dad that I really want to take them there. They would love it! Ummm, after Valle de Angeles, we went to Tatumbla. We showed up at Aristides´ house, and a few minutes later, Elder Larson showed up. He´s a ZL in TATUMBLA, and he´s got 17 months in the mission now. I can´t believe that! He´s grown up so much. It was cool to see him. Tonight we´re staying in Tegucigalpa at a member´s house...it should be pretty interesting! Right now we´re going to see Spiderman 3! It´ll be fun. Talk to you later.

03 May 2007

Lots of driving and Mayan ruins.

Im trying to load some pics, but dont know if the internet is fast enough. We drove for like 8 hours today, looked at some lots of ruins, rode horses, and now were in the nicest, cheapest hotel Ive ever seen. Its great. We are in Copan. Sorry, I dont have apostrophes again... Sorry, no pics...maybe tomorrow night. PS, we are staying at the presidents house.

02 May 2007

We started the morning out by eating our favorite food, BALEADAS. They´re flour tortillas with refried beans, cheese, and mantequilla. After that, we went to the beach, where I taught Dallin how to body surf. After an hour or two at the beach, we went to the pool to get the sand off and then went to some botanical gardens. They were really pretty. If I could, I would upload a movie I made of myself swinging on a vine. If you want to see the movie, as my mom or dad, because I just sent it to them. Anywho, that is all for now!

01 May 2007

I made it!

So, my day started today at 3:00 am. That´s when I woke up. I had Robyn take me to the airport, where I met Dallin, Jordan, and Kim...

Our first flight took off at 6:05 am from SLC to DFW. I don´t know when my next two flights took off, but I know that each of them were about two hours long and that they had about an hour between each one. From DFW I went to Miami, and from Miami I came to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. So exciting... Landing at San Pedro Sula was definitely less exciting than landing in Tegucigalpa, and a lot prettier, too. There were banana fields everywhere. It really is a Banana Republic.

I took this over the ocean somewhere between Miami and San Pedro. When we got through customs, we found that the Budget Car Rental guy was not at work. I had made a reservation with them, and was a little distraught that they weren´t there. I talked to Alamo, got a price, and then convinced Hertz to give me a better price (haggling/flirting works even on car rentals). The car we got, however, is about as long as Dallin!!! We managed to get inside okay.

We drove for an hour in some direction away from the airport looking for the Hotel Tornabe. I had talked to the owner a few days ago, and he said it was a great place, right on the ocean, etc. Well, we got to Tornabe, looked around, and decided it was the last place on earth we wanted to be. So we backtracked into Tela, found a decent hotel (Hotel Presidente), and here we are! It´s gated, has a guard, has air conditioning, and a pool, and is two blocks from the beach right in the center of town. We´ll see where we find to stay until we get to Tegucigalpa! We´ll be here in Tela all day tomorrow, and on Thursday we´ll leave for Copan Ruins. We´ll be there all day Friday, and then we´ll leave for Tegucigalpa, where we´ll turn the car in and take busses and taxis everywhere. It´s really humid now, and I think we´re going swimming! I´m surviving.