28 March 2007

California Visits Michael!

So for four years now, my friend Amber has spent her Spring Breaks in Utah. She came four years ago when I was a freshman and has been coming ever since. Sadly, (not really) I've missed out on the other years.

Anyway, Amber was staying with my other friend Amanda, who lives in SLC, but on Friday she came down to Provo, and was all mine. We packed into the car and drove up to Park City. On Monday she came back to Provo while Amanda was in class, and we went around town on a little photo shoot.

Today I dropped her off at the airport. It's nice when California comes to visit me!

Tonight I was over at some friends' apartment. We went to Cold Stone to get our free birthday ice creams and then came back. I decided it would be funny to close the door behind me and lock the dead bolt as I went in. I should've remembered that the dead bolt and I have a history.

About a week ago I was leaving their apartment, and I closed the door but it didn't shut. I turned around wondering why, and realized that the dead bolt was open. Well, when I tried to unlock it, it was stuck open! Finally, after some coercing, I got the dead bolt to a point where the door could shut.

Well, tonight Marianne (from the apartment with the faulty dead bolt) rammed into the door when it she found it locked, and guess what she did! Her blow to the door re-broke the dead bolt, locking me inside, and her and her roommate Audrey outside!

I quickly called the management company as the girls stuck outside pounded on the door and rang the doorbell, thinking it was a joke! Eventually we convinced them that it was no joke and they went around to their bedroom window to climb inside. At about 11 pm, a guy showed up, climbed through the window, took out the dead bolt, and I was free to leave! Good thing they live on the ground level...

This isn't really the culprit dead bolt, but I needed a picture, so I took one of mine.

25 March 2007

I can't believe I'm doing this.

Well, the Johnson family in its entirety has officially entered the blog scene, and I am happy to say that I am not the one who initiated the fad. As a matter of fact, I laughed when I found out that Robyn, Kimberly, and my mom had blogs. I won't be surprised if my grandparents start blogging.

Anyway, it's Sunday night and I don't feel like being social, so I'm getting this thing started. I think I'll post some pictures to get everyone in the family up to date on the goings on of my life.

Last August I got home from my mission!

I soaked in So. Cal for two weeks and then headed up to BYU just as my parents made their exodus for Nashville...
Since I've been back at school, I've changed my major and, as I tell my family, I'm studying to be a Mexican (Latin American Studies). What can I do with that major? Speak Spanish and talk about Latinos all day, and then go to grad school or med school! PS, this is me in my Che Guevara bandana! I swear I'm not a communist, I just think that communist clothing is way cooler than anything the Republicans or Democrats put out there. Who wants a Dan Quayle bandana? Not me!