05 April 2008

Vampire Weekend!

I am slowly but surely infiltrating the Salt Lake/Provo indie music scene. I think I like indie music because it is raw compared to the overly computerized, edited, and perfected Britney Spearses that dominate the radio now. That doesn't mean I don't like that stuff, either. I still very much like pop music.

Anyway, I redeemed some points from my Visa and got some tickets to the Vampire Weekend show last Monday in SLC. It was a great show, and confirmed to Marianne and me that we do have a certain appreciation for the unique--more me than her, I think.

Vampire Weekend was actually pretty normal, but the band that opened for them was anything but what we expected.

Marianne and me at the show

The opening band, Yacht

Notice the girl's (Claire Evans') Nintendo shirt.

Yacht may have been different, but they were a lot of fun to listen to, and even more fun to watch. They can be filed with the great entertainers.

After their set, we took some pictures.

I told them they had to give a thumbs up!

And they did, for three consecutive pictures...

Vampire Weekend was next. They're like a mix between Bob Marley, the Boston Pops, and some distant African tribes. A strange, but successful mix. They put on a good show. Thanks, Visa!

The band!


It was pretty hot and sweaty in there, as my forehead in this picture can attest. It was a relief to get out into the cold March/April air.

Will it ever get warm? I just realized that today, April General Conference starts. It has been icy-cold since October General Conference. That makes at least six months of COLD weather.


Kimberly and Devon said...

It's good to know you are still alive! I'm a little surprised you attended an event called "Vampire Weekend!" I thought you were against the whole "vampire" thing...maybe you would like "Twilight" more than you think! Looks like it was fun! Call me soon!

Diane said...

Indie music??? Yacht??? Vampire Weekend??? Do I need to worry??? Where in the world do you find out about these things? I guess I shouldn't worry. I did go see Alice Cooper and Santana back in the day. Wish I'd been able to get my picture with one of those... That would have been one for the memory book.

RobynandJoe said...

Yeah...what???? How did you even get pictures with those Yacht people afterwards? They look like they're on drugs. I agree...it has been cold for WAY TOO LONG! See you in a few....

Michael said...

Mom, I really wish you had a picture with you and Alice Cooper and Carlos Santana. That would be so cool.

Britt said...

Wouldn't you identify Vampire Weekend as a ska band? Although ska usually has horns, and I didn't see any trumpets in those pics. But still, it's got that "I-need-to-keep-jumping-even-if-I-have-a-heart-attack" feel, don't you think?

M said...

You forgot to mention that I (Marianne [not Michael]) had a girl crush on Claire, the girl in the Yacht.

Michael said...

I guess m = Marianne

Michael said...

Okay, so I (Marianne) am not so good at leaving comments. I just left the last two. I have no idea how I got it to say "M said." It was supposed to come up as "Michael said," which is why I wrote not Michael. Also, I meant to say Claire, the girl in Yacht, not "the girl in THE Yacht." I wish they did bring a yacht, though, that would have been so cool!

Grandma Hand said...

Boy of boy Michael your blog really does date me who in the HECK is this group and how in the heck do you find out about them?? Love the pictures though.

Diane said...

Michael, Michael, Michael,
It is I your father.
Hmm, I could always ask the question, does this match the 13th Article of Faith?
I probably shouldn't because I was young once and I guess listening to Neil Diamond and Kenny Loggins may date me. As a matter of fact, the last concert I think mom and I went to was Neil Diamond.
Thumbs up on the night.
I still love you.