26 February 2009


So, maybe it all started in high school when I was on the newspaper. Or maybe it was all those Dr. Seuss books I read as a child. Whatever it is, I have a special place in my heart for fonts.

When I stumbled across this website, I knew it was meant to be. If I could, I would buy everything they sell.

Including this font.

And this one.

Oh, and this shirt, "Pumping Irony." (I thought it was particularly fitting after reading fitmepink's latest post.)

Anyway, just had to let you all in on that little secret. If you're ever bored, head to Veer. You're sure to find something I like!

25 February 2009

Ski Day 2009

Robyn already blogged this trip, but I guess I'll give it a go anyway.

Five years ago, I think I broke a rib at Brighton. Check that story out here. After that night, I vowed to never return to the Brighton Ski Resort. Strange how five years and free lift passes can really change your attitude about something.

A few weeks ago, Robyn and Joe scored some free lift passes off of our uncle Steve, who "works" on the ski patrol at Brighton. Subsequently, we went skiing (Robyn, Joe, Anne, and me).

No broken ribs, so I can't complain. Actually, it was really fun. If I'm lucky, I'll go one more time before the season ends.

24 February 2009

Who wants a good laugh?

Just found this little gem. Give it a read. You might laugh.

16 February 2009

Snow Olmec Head

Cody and Maggie found another disgusting snow creature here in beautiful Provo. Tonight we took a field trip to pay homage.

Okay, maybe it's not actually that disgusting...except for it's nasty, long tongue.

And its nostrils.

And its deep ear canals.

Maggie and Cody felt the need to take "prom" pictures next to it.

Which inspired Anne and me to follow suit.

We didn't slip like Maggie, but our "prom" picture was probably a little dorkier.

Thanks be to the creator of this snow behemoth for some great Sunday night entertainment/lifelong memories.

15 February 2009

Katy Perry

Usually I try to get concert posts up before 5 AM the day after. I was a little lax on this one, the concert was 5 days ago.


As a kick-off for my friend Tammy's birthday week, we went to see Katy Perry in Salt Lake City. I have to admit, even though I love concerts, I was a little worried about going to this one. I like the performer, but because of one of her songs, I knew she was going to draw a slightly "different" crowd. After some internal debating, I concluded that I could justify going since it was for a friend's birthday.

Before the show started, we had to make the trip even better by stopping at Chipotle. In and of itself, that made the trip worth it.

I also gave the girls some custom Katy Perry quote shirts made by Kimberly at Create A Onsie. My shirt said "I kissed a girl, and I liked it."

We looked like legitimate fans.

The opening band wasn't anything memorable. Katy Perry, however, was a great performer. Unlike some artists, she sounds great live.

She ended the night with "I Kissed a Girl." The crowd went wild. The show was worth it.

"Cupid, Draw Back Your Bow"

Cody cooked, I set the table.

Anne and Maggie provided the desserts.

Now the night's over, and the dishes still need to be washed.

And the desserts most certainly aren't going to put themselves away.

But why do today what I can put off 'til tomorrow? Right now, I just want to snuggle with my BRAND NEW SNUGGIE!

Anne surprised and delighted me with this personalized cloak-blanket.

Here's a closer look at her handiwork.

I used to struggle and fight with blankets. Lucky for me, those days are long gone. Now I will be warm in style.

Thanks, Anne, for a great Valentine's Day!

The desserts were great, the Snuggie was a good surprise with lasting value, and the movie was the least romantic movie I have ever seen or will ever see (but it was so symbolic and profound).

03 February 2009

Snow-Indian Wins!

The pictures of Provo's biggest eyesore (as blogged about here) were taken on Saturday around midnight. At that point, the snow-beast was fully intact.

After church on Sunday, we drove past the beast's lair to see if he was still haunting the street. It was then that we saw traces of the massacre that had occurred. His body was still intact, but his head was missing. Between midnight and noon on Sunday, someone had decapitated the snow-beast.

Now that his head is gone, I almost miss it.

Seeking retribution and vindication, we left this sign.

First, we tried to stick the sign into his body.

Rigor mortise had already set in, and the body was as hard as ice.

Since my last post was titled "Snow-Indian vs. Snow-beast," I can only assume that the snow-Indian stole the snow-beast's head. That would mean the snow-Indian won...this round.

01 February 2009

Snow-Indian vs. Snow-beast

It's winter, and snowmen have become fairly prevalent in Provo. The snow-made creatures are populating front yards, common areas, median strips, and the occasional empty lot.

One of my favorite snowmen is built on campus every year. As soon as the first big storm rolls in, some group of people (or gnomes, I'm not quite sure) heads up to campus and turns our beloved American Indian statue into a giant snowman.

Like most snowmen, the Indian snowman evokes nothing but good feelings in my heart. (I think he's from a friendly tribe.)

I wish I could say the same about this thing.

From his sunken eyes to his cat ears, I hate everything about this snowman.

I hate that I have to drive by him every time I go down 700 East.

I hate that he refuses to melt, no matter how warm it gets.

I hate that he has a human nose.

I hate his asymmetrical whiskers.

I hate that he has a "Y" on his chest.

I hate that he somewhat resembles Cosmo.

I could go on.

Who knew that I could feel this way about a snowman? Then again, this is no ordinary snowman..cat...mascot...BEAST.

Though I have yet to ski this season and there's a lot of sledding and snowball throwing that could provide some good entertainment, I am praying for winter's end for no other reason than the destruction of Provo's biggest eyesore, the ugly snow-thing.

He will forever haunt my dreams.