01 July 2010

"Don't call it a comeback"

I'm back! Did you miss me?

It has been an extremely eventful 8 months, and I've got so much to tell you. So here's a top-ten list of things that have happened since my last post:

10. Anne graduated, got a full-time job as a pastry chef, and hasn't gotten in a car accident for over a year

9. J.D. Salinger died

8. Anne got her first two cavities

7. We bought a fish (as seen here)

6. I found out Nick Jonas has diabetes (three years after the world found out)

5. We dealt with my quarter-life crisis (though I'm sure I'll be having fraction-of-life crises my whole life)

4. I said goodbye to Jenny the Asian (as seen here and here) and hello to Betty and Georgio

3. I started DVR-ing Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

2. We watched Oprah today

1. Hurricane Alex hit the Texas coast and we got rained in (thus the Oprah Show)

Okay, so it wasn't exactly the most dramatic period of my life and I did struggle a little bit coming up with that list. But don't be fooled, I was extremely affected by all of those events.

I think what it all comes down to is I want to blog again, but I couldn't move forward until I made blogging closure with the past. So there you have it, my blogging closure.

Now indulge me as I quote LL Cool J:

Don't call it a comeback
I been here for years

I didn't go anywhere, I was just on sabbatical.


Anonymous said...

welcome back from your sabbatical! :)

Shirley said...

You better keep posting. I love your posts. :)

Chelsea M. said...

Was the Oprah show the twilight episode? lol I'm just sayin' lol

Erin Okerlund Davis said...

I've forgotten how funny you are!