23 December 2008

Hard to Reach Places

It's Christmas break, and Provo is a ghost town. For the last few days, I have been the only person alive in this small section of the world. I feel kinda like Will Smith in I Am Legend crossed with Tom Hanks in Castaway. Oh, and after today's activities, we need to add a little Danny Tanner, the clean freak from Full House, to the mix.

My evening started out with a trip to WalMart to purchase some much-needed cleaning supplies. Upon my return from WalMart, I started with the kitchen.

I was planning on keeping it simple, but when you're down on the ground, you gain a new perspective on how gross things really are. That's when I pulled the fridge and oven away from the wall.

There were lots of surprises down there. I thought the half-eaten Skittle was going to take the cake, but then a spider came crawling out from who knows where. What the spider has been surviving on, I'll never know...unless spiders eat Skittles.

When I pushed the appliances back into their proper places, I noticed the cupboard above the fridge. I've lived in this apartment for over two years, and I don't think I've ever opened that cupboard.

As you can see, there was nothing too exciting...other than the gelatinous goo that used to be Gatorade. I threw it away.

Next was the floor. It needed more than just a Swiffering. I had to get down Cinderella style for this part.

Any resemblance?

After that, I hit the bathroom hard. It shines like it's never shone before.

Unfortunately I didn't photo-document the bathroom. I didn't get the vacuuming part, either. You probably would've enjoyed that, especially the part where I took our full-sized industrial upright vacuum to the couch and cushions. It has no attachments, so I had to make do.

I blame my mom for making me like this.


Tina said...

wow, can I hire you? I think you would shudder worse if you did that to my house....I shudder even thinking about it. I wish I inherited the cleaning but from your mom.

Tina said...

i meant to say (bug) not but or butt....hahahahahaahah

Robyn said...

Your future wife will seriously LOVE you. Maybe you should move in with me for a while, so that when I'm getting the urge to clean, you'll be getting it too. Or maybe I'll just hire you since I know you'll do a good job. Way to go, Cinder-Michael. Your roommates won't know what happened!

Christie said...

Your mother has raised you right, that's all I have to say.

dede said...

I should have left you a key to my place so then you could have done my apt as well. I would cut you a check for that...And I think I tell you this every time you get into one of your cleaning modes.

liz said...

i hate you so much. i did not know you were still here! i have been alone for days michael. living the life of a hermit...when i didnt need to!

Grandma Hand said...

Dear Cinder-Michael, I think that any girl that gets you is going to thank your mom forever and ever.