19 December 2008

Better Than a Snuggie

My friends Tammy and Melissa just gave me a Christmas present.

Here they are.

Tammy's on the left, Melissa's on the right.

And here's the present (the blanket, if you couldn't guess).

With winter coming on full force this week, this blanket will serve me well. Because it was made with love, and not in China, it's even better than a Snuggie.

If you haven't heard of the Snuggie yet, you should watch more daytime Fox News.

When it comes to presents, making someone a blanket is ideal, but if you don't have the time or the know how, the Snuggie is your next best bet. It will keep your body warm and your arms accessible all year, no matter the weather!

Don't be fooled by the Slankie and other imitators. For only $19.95 (plus S&H), you can wear the Snuggie! I've done my homework, as you can tell in the background of the picture of me with my blanket.

What's more? Call now and receive TWO Snuggies for the price of just ONE! With the economy the way it is, what're you waiting for? Turn down the thermostat and wear the Snuggie today.

Thanks to Tammy and Melissa, I no longer need a Snuggie...at least not 'til next Halloween. Did I mention the Snuggie makes a great costume?


Chelsea said...

Michael, that blanket is way awesome (especially because Tammy and Melissa made it) but i think you should write a blog about the real love of your life. . . . aka Charlie! :p

Kimberly said...

I always laugh every time I see the commercial for the snuggie! It's so convenient with the arm holes and all...you don't have to un-snuggle yourself to read a book or change the channel with the remote. However, your new blankie is a nice alternative. We would make those in my YW class as gifts for people as thank you's. You should google, sometime, what the fabric is made out of...bet you never thought you would be snuggling up next to recycled goods-eh?

Julie Mack said...

GM, can you please move to New York and be my friend so you can find things like this all the time and entertain me? :) And you watch Arrested Development...I own all three seasons. We were meant to be.

PS I'm glad that spaghetti chewing guy is not going to be in your life anymore. But chances are that you'll sit next to him in another class just because you hate it so much.
PPS The spaghetti chewing guy is my cousin.
PPPS That was a lie.:)

Christie said...

My favorite part of that commercial is where they say blankets are so hard to manage, and they never stay in place. Then they have the lady shoving her blanket around her lap in frustration. HILARIOUS. Blankets are difficult (if you're retarded, that is).

dede said...

okay so you know how besty lives in her robe? Well I was going to get her a snuggie for christmas so that she could retire that old thing...so hilarious!

Marie said...

I quote my mother, "That is the most retarded thing I've ever heard of." (speaking of Snuggies after seeing the commercial). And my aunt Sherry says, "oh my gosh, they look so dorky". So, good thing you got a blanket instead.