01 January 2009

Happy 2009!

When most people dream of the perfect New Year's Eve, they imagine themselves in places like Time Square, Las Vegas, or London. I have to admit, I've dreamed of those places before.

After last night, however, I know there is no better place to ring in the New Year than on the Salt River Pima Reservation just outside of Scottsdale, Arizona.

We hadn't planned on spending the evening here, but when we saw the Ferris Wheel from the freeway, we couldn't resist.

I've been spending the week at Cody's house. We met up with our friend Tammy for the day. When we got to the gates at the "rez," we were glad we had her. As I like to tell her, she's a card-toting member of the Navajo Nation. Amongst the Pima people, she made us feel a little less out-of-place.

To me, the carnival we stumbled upon seemed like a scene out of What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

That's why I felt the need to ride the "fun slide." In my mind, the carnival allowed me to live Johnny Depp and Leo DiCaprio's roles.

Speaking of Leo, I also felt the need to climb the "rez's" water tower, but refrained for fear that they wouldn't allow me to come back next year.

After the Ferris Wheel and the "fun slide," I had had my fill. Cody, however, refused to leave without going on one more ride.

At carnivals, I do not do well with most rides that spin, rotate, or gyrate. The ride Cody was interested in did at least two of the three. As I prepared myself to board, I could already feel the nausea coming on.

After the ride, I was alive, but had lost my voice and couldn't tell what bodily orifice was gonna give, but knew that one of them probably would. I managed to keep it all inside, and eventually even got over it.

Cody was much better off than me. You could even say he was giddy. This picture was taken just seconds after we dismounted.

Like any good Native American Reservation, there was a Casino next door. After enjoying what the carnival had to offer, we moved over there to try our odds with Lady Luck.

Cody went from giddy to beyond depressed when he lost $4 at video poker.

He went back to giddy when he made $7 dollars back in a slot machine. He thanked the Pima people for giving him $3 to celebrate the New Year with them. I told him he should thank me, since three of those dollars came from the five I lost playing games I don't even understand.

We watched the ball drop in the middle of a smoke-filled playing floor, and were possibly the only people who were able to pull away from gambling for at least 30 seconds to bring in 2009.

All in all, it was a great New Year's Eve.


Diane said...

I'm glad I checked your blog this morning to see how you brought in the new year. Leave it to you and Cody to find a place like that to celebrate! Love the hats!

Starla said...

Ummm gambling?

... me and Jesus are judging you.


Michael said...

We like to consider the money we left there as donations to the Pima people...

Marie said...

Donations, eh? How thoughtful of you to think of them and their financial needs. You are one crazy kid, Michael Johnson. Oh, Long Johnson. speaking of which- here's the link...

And have a Happy New Year!

Robyn said...

I love the giddy picture of Cody. You're so funny. Were you trying to "teach yourself a lesson" by gambling, like dad tried to teach us when he ended up winning something? You're getting brave here on your blog, talking about body orifices...I almost thought I was reading my own blog for a second. Happy New Year!

Kimberly said...

I am laughing picturing you trying to play craps or something...too bad you missed out on our gambling days (not really)! What a fun way to spend your new year! Happy New Year!

Grandma Hand said...

I am glad to catch up with my grandson's happenings. In some way you remind me of Gary and his first taste of the slot machine (that was when they would take pennies) and he never got over it. You know that the big one is in the next round or what ever you play. I am glad your back to WHERE YOU BELONG AND NO MORE OF THIS FUN STUFF YA HEAR!!!!