08 October 2008

Weezer in Salt Lake City

Tonight I attended the Weezer show at the E-Center in Salt Lake (or is that West Valley?), thus fulfilling one of my most sought-after dreams.

I have been Weezer's biggest fan since 1995, when I discovered my sister Robyn's copy of Weezer's Blue Album. I don't know what inspired me to listen, but once I did, I became the only fifth grader at Wagner Elementary School that walked around singing "My Name is Jonas," "Surf Wax America," and "Say It Ain't So."

I have many a good memory set to the tune of Weezer. They came with me on plane rides, road trips, scout camps, sleepovers, and EFYs. Until I became a missionary, we were inseparable.

In fact, serving a mission was the only thing that could keep us apart. I told myself that Weezer would mean so much more to me if I allowed myself to go on a two-year Weezer fast.

Miraculously, I made it through the self-imposed abstinence.

After my two-year Weezer fast, I symbolically introduced Weezer back into my life. Their Blue Album was the first of my music collection I listened to after getting back to California. I think my parents were a little shocked at how quickly Weezer resurfaced in my life. The truth is, it had never been too far gone.

Now, tonight, a little over two years after ending my Weezer fast, I was privileged to attend a Weezer show.

The night started out with some unknown opening band. That band was followed by Angels and Airwaves, which was started by Tom DeLonge, of Blink 182 and Box Car Racer fame.

Seeing Angels and Airwaves and hearing Tom's voice again made me really wish I had seen Blink 182 in high school, while they were still around. Can you say reunion tour? I'm there!

After Angels and Airwaves came the Weez. I could hardly believe my eyes when Rivers, Pat, Brian, and Scott walked out on the stage. Even Karl was there. When they walked out, my life became complete. Really, it was like reconnecting with old friends. I mean, I've dreamt about hanging out with them before.

The show was awesome. Here are some highlights.

I caught Rivers just as he was getting off of the trampoline.

Yes, that's a person in a wheelchair AND crowd surfing.

The Weezer hootenanny on stage.

The classic Weezer "=\/\/=" up on the screen at the end of the show.

Man, I love Weezer.

Next post: A discussion of the uncanny similarities between Rivers and me.

Stay tuned!


whats the story morning glory said...

the unknown opening band was tolchock trio, they were a local band from utah

Lauremo Noto said...

awesome post! thanks for sharing on weezer.com

I totally feel the same way about the weez. I was introduced to them when I was 5, right after the Blue Album came out and seeing them last night was literally a dream come true. I still can't get over the fact that it actually happened!!! It was incredible.

Robyn said...

So you have me to thank. Me and my blue album. Rivers has a pretty cool moustache...are you thinking of growing one? And don't you plan on naming your first born son after him? So funny. I'm glad your life dream was fulfilled. Congrats. Invite me next time.

Marie said...

What have I been missing out on in my life? Weezer must be amazing and I didn't even know it until now. Well, that's good that I don't need to listen to them now- I have a testimony of them already! What's that? I sound like one of those proselyting pamphlets? You can't have a testimony by just getting a pamphlet? Strange...

Mills said...

man, how did you wait so long to see them after being a fan for so many years?! It sounds like you had a Weezer concert fast.

dede said...

you knew the lyrics to every song that rivers played last night...very legit. And that was rude to not actually put the name of the no name band that played.

Diane said...

I have kindof missed the question..."Mom, who sings this?", and the answer ALWAYS being "WEEZER!". It took me a while, but I finally caught on. I'm probably the only person my age who would have appreciated being at their concert. Sounds like fun! If they only knew!

Kimberly said...

The firs time I heard Weezer was with Allen. He would play the sweater song over and over...I loved it!

Hey, you forgot to mention how Robyn and I sang weezer song to you, on video, and sent it to you on your mission. That was so awesome!

Next time, I'm coming with you. I can't believe you didn't even tell me about it! Glad you had fun.

Anne Nichols said...

That was seriously the best concert of all time! The coolest part was just being in a room with tons of other Weezer fans. I'm seriously having withdrawals now.. can't wait until they come back next year!!

Grandma Hand said...

Geeeez, I am from the dark ages. Who in the @#!@@### is "Weezer" and even your mom knows who he is and your sisters Weezer Smeezer I guess. I guess there is definitely boring to you when we turn Lawrence Welk on. Oh well!!!