05 July 2008

The Crazy Streets of Provo: July Third and Fourth

If you didn't know this, the streets of Provo, more specifically University Avenue between campus and Center Streeet, are the place to be on the eve of Independence Day. On a usual night, once the sun goes down, so do the people. On July Fourth Eve, however, that's just when things get started.

Last year I almost spent the night on the streets with friends. At about 3:00 AM I realized that my bed was three blocks away and walked home.

This holiday weekend, I decided that the craziness needed to be documented. My friend Dede and I caught as many crazies on camera as we could. From Santaquin to Salt Lake, they came from all around, and brought with them all the craziness/white-trashiness/high-schooliness they could.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I present "The Crazy Streets of Provo: July Third and Fourth."

The white kids outside Seven Eleven--notice there are no cops. They were busy racial profiling.

This guy found his scene.

This dude knows where it's at.

Oh no, a fire.

Rival minority groups in Provo? Fighting? Only on the Fourth.

Do anything to get the tunes to follow you wherever you go.

These high school boys were fascinated by something on the pharmaceuticals aisle.

We tried to get a discreet shot of her face, but we couldn't for fear that her posse would see us and kill us. We still don't know if it was the alcohol or the drugs, but she was having a hard time.

Only on the Third/Fourth.


Why's this guy carrying a purse? He walked by several times with that bag.

Honey Bucket? There's no honey in there.

Take my word, it was crazy. Dede and I lost track of time and ended up being out 'til 3:30 AM just walking, snapping pictures, and being amazed at what had become of our little Provo.

Trust me, we usually get yelled at by the cops if we're riding scooters after dark. "No wheels after dark," they say.

This is not the Provo I know, but I think I like it...once a year.


Christie said...

I am trying to decide if I am more unnerved by the guy in his undies on the bike or the thugs that stole some lady's purse and paraded around Provo with it.

I'm going with the undies guy.

Robyn said...

Gross....I think the honey bucket is disgusting!

Marie said...

Maybe that guy thought he was an underwear model out of work or something. Maybe you should have told him that they weren't hiring... especially not him.

dede said...

Really I still can't believe that actually happened...I think that my favorite part was the guy who yelled at us for taking his pic.