08 July 2008

Provo Farmers' Market

Go in search of good produce, return with the following realizations:

You have seen the oldest percussionist living.

People keep really weird things under their hoods, like mustangs kicking cougars and wannabe Cabbage Patch Kids.

No matter where you go, you can always catch someone dancing at the bus stop.


Farmers' markets sell everything a hippie could want except fresh produce.


Diane said...

A farmers market without produce? That's ridiculous! You saw the world's oldest drummer, and I just saw the world's strangest drums being drummed by pretty young drummers. They were pretty good though. three young boys with sticks, drumming on the bottom of big 5 gallon buckets. They were across the street from each other and the sounds were bouncing off the buildings.

Farmer's markets are probably a hippie's paradise!

Robyn said...

Oh Michael...you jokester. Too funny! Did you buy anything?

Christie said...

I know you were totally taking all those pictures in your new tie-dye shirt. Don't deny it.

Kimberly said...

SO, is this why you haven't been down to visit me yet? Did you get a date with that hottie in the light blue strappy thing with the boobies hanging out. I'm beginning to wonder what you are REALLY doing at BYU? First a new bike and now the Farmers Market? Boy, if you weren't green before...you really are now! Next, you'll be telling me you're voting for Obama. I'm starting to get worried...maybe you need to start listening to more conservative talk radio.

dede said...

Okay can we please add the bling earings that I found...not typical of a "farmer's market" that is for sure!

Becky Glover said...

Provo are you sure?? I have never even imagined that place looking so crazy. The farmer's market and no produce, the underwear boy and freakish crowds of white people. That's what makes it Provo you know, if they were a different race it would look a lot like New Orleans during Mardigras... if they start selling lots of beads BEWARE!

Alinde said...

In Provo? Wow! and they didn't have produce? sounds like a Dallas Farmers Market to me. When I was a kid I went with a friend when we lived in Dallas and seriously it was just like you told it!! It was like Flash Back! (smile)

Love ya,
Cousin Aimee
just in case you didn't know who I was....(smile)