07 July 2007

July 5th, then 4th, then 3rd...it's how the pictures uploaded.

The winning team...if you want to know of what, read further.
All of us!
Group hug.

The Friday night Sonic crew. We usually work 'til 10 or 11, and then we all go out...it works out nicely. Last week we started playing street hockey in the Macey's/Sonic parking lot. We round up all of our car and play between them all...don't worry dad, it's a lightweight plastic ball, so no dented cars.
Meghan and Bethany.
Hard core! I guess bare feet are better than sandals.
Good thing somebody had the medical tape.

Sorry, the pictures are a little out of order. This is the day of the 4th. I got back to the parade route at 8 AM. I was feeling generous, so I bought bagels for everyone. This is Meghan, the organizer of the camp out.

The night before there were a lot more of us...this is the small group that stuck it out for the whole shebang...is that how you spell shebang? Notice I'm wearing my one patriotic-like shirt...thanks to dad and Harley Davidson.

Apparently, Meghan knows Rob Moncur, my companion from the MTC. I was surprised to see him there. He was smart and brought a tent...so he stuck it out all night.

My tire has a nail in it. Hopefully I can get it fixed today, but until then I'll be frequenting the free air pumps of Provo. I was forced to buy a tire gauge...at least it was only $3.50.

I had to work the night of the 4th...thus no pictures. However, work was pretty cool. I was up in the President's Loge (that's right, loge...) for Stadium of Fire. I served the likes of Glen Beck, Orrin Hatch, Gov. Huntsman, Elder Bateman, and Pres. Samuelson. Unfortunately, we had to leave before Brooks and Dunn performed. We finished up right before fireworks, so we all went up to the Skyroom to watch...it was good bonding. The fireworks were good, but it's not the same when you can't hear the noise of the fireworks shooting up and exploding.

The night before the 4th was spent on the streets of Provo. A bunch of people from catering got together and camped out on the street. I was going to stay the night, but at 3 AM I decided that my real bed that was three blocks aways was much better than the streets. Devon, I think we should start a Ron Paul Revolution... To solve our boredom problems, I made up games like see who has the sparkler that burns the longest. My leg was slightly burned in the process...but only slightly. The funny things we do when we're really tired.


Diane said...

Oh the games college students play! As for the excitement of hearing the fireworks exploding when they go off...you're right...except when it explodes right in your backyard on the lawn and all the sparks come right at you! Speaking about the tire gauge...I remember a family picture where you would not let go of dad's tire gauge. We ended up with the picture taken with it in your hand. Looks like there's never a dull moment when Michael's around! Have fun!

Kimberly and Devon said...

Free Bagels? Where was I? So did you make it back to the parade in the morning or did you sleep in? Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Grandma Hand said...

The one thing for sure you really know how to fill up a day and a night. Fireworks really had Angie in a tizzy! Our street was just as active as the fireworks at the Parks. After a while I thought I would have to get ear plugs for Angie. Love ya!

Susie said...

The foot picture was absolutely disgusting- don't you know a nasty parasite could enter your body there and you would be full of large worms? At least that's what my mother told me when I always went barefoot!

Susie said...

Lizzy had a really exciting 4th in Provo- it was her first week of EFY and she got to break up couples kissing while they were watching the fireworks. It's been pretty funny listening to her talk about all the kids do things I'm sure she did at EFY to make the counselors crazy!

RobynandJoe said...

I agree---the picture of that girl's foot was REALLY GROSS! Congratulations on the most confusing blog ever...will you bring me some bagels next time you're feeling generous?