29 April 2007

Why did I do that?

Audrey took this picture...don't know what I'm doing, but there's a close-up of it later on in the blog...it shows my eyebrows nicely, if you know what I mean...and you soon will.

I spent most of today getting ready for my trip to Honduras! I'm really excited to go, but a little nervous, 'cause we'll be going places we've never gone before. I leave Salt Lake City at 6:05 am on Tuesday, May 1. From SLC we fly to Dallas and then Miami and then San Pedro Sula, Honduras. From San Pedro we'll drive about an hour to the east to a small village outside of Tela called Tornabe. Our hotel or house or whatever it is I reserved today is right on the beach, walking distance from our rooms to the waters of the Caribbean. We'll be in Tornabe and Tela Tuesday after we arrive, all day Wednesday, and we'll leave Tornabe and Tela on Thursday to drive down to the ancient Mayan ruins of Copan. I'm WAY excited. We'll then spend all day Friday in Copan, and Saturday we'll drive down to Tegucigalpa, where we'll spend the rest of our time visiting with old friends and girls that wish we would marry them (don't worry, dad, I won't come home engaged...I PROMISE). PS, I keep on talking about "we" and "us." I'm going with Dallin Bundy from St. George and Jordan Schefer from Florida/Farmington, UT. Here are some pics of them.

Dallin jumping through an "O" at Disneyland.

Jordan counting money at his club.

Anyway, as I got ready for Honduras I got to thinking about how hot it's going to be down there, and decided I should get a hair cut. I went to the JC Penney Salon (as I probably will for the rest of my life now that it's been so many years) and got an immediate appointment. I got my hair cut by the same girl that did it last time I went (Marcy or Marcey or Marci or Marcie...) and as I sat down to get my hair washed, she gave me a good stare and then asked me if I'd ever gotten waxed before. I didn't really know what she meant at first and I struggled to find an answer. Finally, I asked, "My eyebrows?" I could tell she was staring at them after a few seconds (that seemed like an eternity). She said, "Yeah!" And I said, "NO!"

After that awkwardness, we went back over to my chair, she cut my hair, we made small talk about whether or not she had found the diamond that had fallen out of her ring the last time I'd seen her, etc. When she was done, she told me to follow her, and I thought she was taking me to rinse my hair out again. We went to a different sink, however, and she proceeded to WAX MY EYEBROWS. I guess I kind of let her do it, 'cause I'm always game for trying new things at least once (cow stomach, manicures, octopus, etc.). Anyway, after she finished with my eyebrows she told me my eyes were going to be a little pink for a few hours, but that it would go away. I stood up and realized that my eyes were watery and puffy. She rinsed out my hair, then I went and sat down and saw what she had done...I looked like I'd not only cried my eyes out, but that I'd done it after getting KO'd in a boxing match or something. I thought it was pretty bad. She styled my hair in the typical hairstylist fashion, I went and paid, where I realized that everyone was paying more attention than normal to my eyes (or eyebrows). Luckily I had my sunglasses with me to make a quick escape.

After I got my hair cut, I went and met up with my roommate from my freshman year, Chris Jones. He needed some help moving out from his apartment, so I helped him, pink eyebrows and all. I told him what had happened and we laughed. While he was bringing down some boxes, I saw a girl I work with, and the first thing out of her mouth was, "What happened to your eyes."

I said, "I don't know," and she said, "Oh, well maybe you got sunburned." Luckily the puffiness went down before I went to work tonight...

Here are some before and after pictures of my eyebrows. The lady that cut my hair said in admiration of her work, "There, now you don't look so much like a beaver." Couldn't she have compared me to a more charming animal?


Me hiding my puffiness behind my new glasses. I decided I wanted some cheap glasses to take to Hondo with me (just in case they get stolen), so I bought these ones. They covered up the puffiness perfectly.

AFTER. The finished masterpiece! In the words of Chris Jones (the least sarcastic person I know...the only person more sarcastic than Chris is David Dorius), "Those are some nicely sculpted eyebrows."


Grandma Hand said...

Oh Michael, just be glad you didn't have a laser treatment, however, your eyebrows do look really great from the side maybe we need to look at them from the front. At church today a girl that is an alternate teacher in our gospel doctrine class came today and she looked like she had been in the sun for all day and she had it covered in some heavy, greasy looking stuff and she said she had a few wrinkles lasered out. I decided that wrinkles are beautiful and so are eyebrows. I so do not like to hurt.

Kimberly and Devon said...

Nice blue blockers (minus the yellow tint in the middle). You look like Dad in the early 90's. Why didn't you take a picture from the front of your face? Now all of the Hondo girls will think you're super sexy and WILL want to marry you. Just so you know, I can't have a sister-in-law that I can't communicate with. It wouldn't be fair for you, Robyn, and Joe to be speaking spanish all of the time. I can't believe you're leaving this week. It is going to be such an awesome trip. I love ya and the hair cut looks good too, by the way!

RobynandJoe said...

That is so funny that she said you looked like a beaver. One time I got my eyebrows waxed after having put lotion on my face in the morning. I guess the wax wasn't sticking because of the lotion, so the girl kept trying to re-wax a spot that wasn't working. I think I ended up with a big scab on my eyelid. Since then I've pretty much stuck to plucking. I used to pluck Joe's eyebrows. He mostly let me do it when we were dating, but doesn't think it's worth the pain anymore. Maybe I should tell him that he looks like a beaver...ha ha!

Diane said...

You do NOT look like a beaver!! It sure makes your blue eyes stand out!! Look out for all those little Honduran girls!! I can't even think about you leaving for Honduras...you'd better be careful! It wouldn't make me nervous if I hadn't seen the place first hand. DON'T EAT THE BEEF! Love ya!