26 February 2009


So, maybe it all started in high school when I was on the newspaper. Or maybe it was all those Dr. Seuss books I read as a child. Whatever it is, I have a special place in my heart for fonts.

When I stumbled across this website, I knew it was meant to be. If I could, I would buy everything they sell.

Including this font.

And this one.

Oh, and this shirt, "Pumping Irony." (I thought it was particularly fitting after reading fitmepink's latest post.)

Anyway, just had to let you all in on that little secret. If you're ever bored, head to Veer. You're sure to find something I like!


Robyn said...

Those are cool...I never knew you had a thing for fonts. Those are pretty fun...and I love the shirt. It actually is something you would totally wear!

Diane said...

Mr. Editor...how in the world do you find these things?

Strawboat said...

Yay for comic sans! If only they had a shirt of webdings...THAT would be worth a purchase (I haven't looked, so if they actually do, yay!).

Julie Mack said...

This is awesome. I love your posts!

PS Of COURSE we will ride the bull and do the ferry and what not when you come. We can try going to the Colbert Report instead of Martha Stewart if you'd like. And maybe we'll have to ride the bull together...just an idea.

Michael said...

Room for one more. And Colbert is in NYC? I'm there!

Missy said...

That Veer site is pretty cool. I like fonts too.