15 February 2009

Katy Perry

Usually I try to get concert posts up before 5 AM the day after. I was a little lax on this one, the concert was 5 days ago.


As a kick-off for my friend Tammy's birthday week, we went to see Katy Perry in Salt Lake City. I have to admit, even though I love concerts, I was a little worried about going to this one. I like the performer, but because of one of her songs, I knew she was going to draw a slightly "different" crowd. After some internal debating, I concluded that I could justify going since it was for a friend's birthday.

Before the show started, we had to make the trip even better by stopping at Chipotle. In and of itself, that made the trip worth it.

I also gave the girls some custom Katy Perry quote shirts made by Kimberly at Create A Onsie. My shirt said "I kissed a girl, and I liked it."

We looked like legitimate fans.

The opening band wasn't anything memorable. Katy Perry, however, was a great performer. Unlike some artists, she sounds great live.

She ended the night with "I Kissed a Girl." The crowd went wild. The show was worth it.


Robyn said...

I hate that I kind of like the "I kissed a girl" song. I'm glad you had fun!

Becky Glover said...

Yeah I won't listen to it, but it has such a catch beat makes me sad. If I listened to that song my kids would FREAK OUT!! Total trauma so I don't but some of her other songs are awesome...sounds like fun!

Diane said...

I remember singing along with that song in the car with dad and then realizing what I was singing. Funny!