21 September 2008

The "Shark" Card

A while back, I visited one of my favorite blogs and stumbled upon a competition of sorts.

In short, all I had to do to "win" was be one of the first 100 people to leave a comment on this post. I was number 43!

Winning entailed receiving a postcard in the mail from the blogger. There were three postcard options, and we (the first 100) got to choose which one we wanted. You can read that post if you're really interested in the nitty-gritty.

After I won, I checked the mail like the old lady from the BYU classic, The Mailbox, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my free postcard.

When my personalized postcard finally came, I jumped like a missionary getting his travel plans in the MTC.

Here's what Mr. Lewis sent me.

The text reads:

Hey, Michael-

Thanks for reading my blog. Here's your free postcard to pay you back for the time you've wasted or will hopefully continue to waste on my blog. Good call on the "shark" card. Most people chose the polar bear, but this one's my favorite. You're obviously smarter than most people...as am I.

-Shane Lewis

I make a point to read the above postcard text out loud to Cody on a nightly basis. In the beginning, it was out of excitement, but now it's out of my sheer desire to annoy!

(Here he is, studying to earn his Home and Family Living minor.)

The tables have turned, though, and it's now Cody who reads the card to me. Except, I think it's more like a recitation than a reading. We've both got it memorized.

My cousin (and others) was (were) right, it is great to get good mail.

Thanks, stlewis.blogspot.com, for livening up my nightly routine.


Christie said...

See? See? Don't I always steer you right?

My next piece of advice is to stop watching old church videos. Some of them are pretty tormented. Remember "The Sipher in the Snow?" A HORRIBLE show.

Robyn said...

Joe loves those old church videos...The Mailbox is so sad! Congrats on the personalized postcard. You're so funny....

Marie said...

Please tell Cody that I am sorry for introducing you to ST Lewis. I feel partially responsible for his misfortune in having to hear you read the postcard every night. Although, I do like that you posted about it- maybe I'll post about mine too, whenever I get it...

Kimberly said...

Oh, just thinking about that old lady walking to the mailbox every day...so, so sad! I feel depressed just thinking about it. Fun to get good mail, though!

Diane said...

You and Cody are quite a pair. I laugh thinking about you guys taking turns reciting the postcard to each other. Tooo funny!!

dede said...

please tell cody that I love his pink shirt...gotta love aero.

S.T. Lewis said...

Hey, I remember that post card. I would have put more thought into what I wrote if I had known someone was going to read it more than once. Honestly I didn't even count on it getting that many reads. I'm glad you got the postcard and that you like my blog. Thanks for the kind comments. You're the man... or at least a man.

Poor Lethe... that movie made me not want to write to my grandma. Who knew mail could be so dangerous?

Have you seen "Uncle Ben?" Every time I hear the song "Slim Shady" I think of it. Will the real Uncle Ben please stand up? If you haven't seen it... most confusing paragraph ever!