02 July 2008

Sammy's is the center of my universe!

Tonight, I'm driving down Center Street on my way to Sammy's. I drive by and the place is packed, so I decide not to go.

I continue on my merry way and then realize that the GIANT crowd outside of Sammy's and another local dance hall is made up by the youth and youth leaders from my stake in California.

I didn't realize it was them until I was a block away and saw Dan Okerlund. I can honestly say he was the last person I expected to see sitting alone on a bench with a drunk man on Center Street in Provo.

I'm convinced now that every time or every other time I go to Sammy's something from my past will collide with the present, thus making Sammy's the center of my universe.

I should probably measure for magnetic fields or something like that around the restaurant.

I'll keep you posted.


You really gotta try this place.

27 North 100 West
Provo, UT 84601


Starla said...

Is it just a burger place? Cuz I don't like hamburgers.

Diane said...

Who knew?! I saw Brooke on Sunday and laughed about your meeting up with her at Sammy's. It was her brother's farewell on Sunday.