02 July 2008

The following people say hello:

Mom and dad,

The following people say hello and wonder how you are doing:

Dan Okerlund

Laura Crays

Art Reck

President and Sister Love

President and Sister Burnett

The Morrises

The Westergards

Brother Georgianna (and yes, he referred to dad by his "pet" name)

Dan Lorens

Jonathan Remmington

The Rooneys

...and probably 50 others I can't remember.


Kimberly said...

Was this youth conference or something? Thank you for not publicly mentioning Dad's "pet name." Those two are so funny.

Diane said...

Oh boy, does that make me homesick or what?! I just love those people! All of them are at youth conference??? Wow! We have to pull teeth to get people to go here in Tennessee (no pun intended). Wish we were there.

Robyn said...

I was wondering how in the world you saw all of those people...they're at BYU for Youth Conference, eh? (Yesterday was Canada Day...I thought I could throw the "eh" in to celebrate.