01 July 2007

A Week In The Life...

So I went around this afternoon to take some pictures to put up here on my blog. Hopefully this will fill you in on what I've done this week and what my life in Provo is really like!

Brooks and Dunn are coming on Monday (tomorrow) for the Freedom Festival's Stadium of Fire. I'm not a huge Brooks and Dunn fan, but at least BYU is letting famous, non-lds artists come perform on their campus. I'm excited serve them on the 4th.

On Saturday night I was in the ballroom serving 680 Freedom Festivalers. It was pretty hectic, especially since I had to serve the three tables right in front of the podium. I didn't realize it when I started, but Elder Featherstone was at my table.

On Friday night I was at the conference center serving a ward party/luau. That wasn't that exciting. The exciting part was the entertainment in the other banquet. As I was getting the back ready to clear the banquet floor I heard Carmen Rasmusen singing in the other room. I guess it's not that great, anyway, since she did live in Helaman Halls my freshman year. Then again, Marie Osmond was taking psych classes my freshman year as well...we didn't wait outside of her classroom to see her, I swear!

They've already torn down W and V Halls, and as soon as EFY is over, Q is coming down as well. I decided I better get a picture before it's too late. If you look closely, you'll see I've got the thumbs up, but I'm not smiling.

My friend Lindsay was taking carillon (bell) lessons during Spring Term. One night before one of her lessons she needed to practice, so we went with her to the tower. We were then taken up to where we never thought we'd go...the top of the bell tower. It was great, and while Lindsay was practicing at the bottom of the tower, we watched episodes of Arrested Development at the top...until BYU security guards heard us, climbed the stairs, and out of breath told us that it was too much of a liability for us to be up there. We climbed down, but we still know where the key is if we ever want to climb back up!

A week ago on Saturday was the big dedication day for the Hinckley Building. All sorts of VIPs showed up for the event, but I don't think they realized that all night before the dedication there were painters, tilers, etc. literally putting the building together. I got there at 5:30-ish to set things up for Pres. Hinckley's birthday bash, but unfortunately I didn't get to stick around...I had to work on another event elsewhere.

Over the last few weeks, it seems like Utah County has been on fire. On Friday, Squaw Peak went up in flames. Marianne and I went to check things out. Below, we are reenacting our spectatorship.

And of course, the thumbs up.

Marianne's sister-in-law is volunteering for the Stadium of Fire, and on Thursday (I think) we got to drive golf carts from the Riverside Country Club to Lavell Edwards Stadium. There were six drivers, and we lined up like ducklings from the CC to the stadium! It was AMAZING.

I took this after I went golfing with Cody. I was a little burnt. I took golf lessons six years ago and had not been back on a golf course (to play golf) since then. I used Cody's old clubs, and it was fun. I wore the visor so I could play the part. I was also wearing argyle socks, but didn't get a picture of them.

My renouned self portraits.

This is where I go running every day. I'm getting bored with this blog, so I hope I don't bore everyone that reads this. If I do, sorry...it's pretty boring.


Pcrowther said...

Hi michael,

I got up early to catch up with you. Do you have anything planned on the 4th? I want you guys to come over if you can. I love your blog I read it over and over. I'm glad you are kind to fat people. It makes me feel loved. Have a great day

Diane said...

Brooks & Dunn are going to be in Provo? Debie got Kix Brooks signature on the bottle of wine she got at his new winery (Arrington Vinyards) here in Nashville. She called me to let me know she saw him. I'm making a country music fan out of her! Your blog is far from boring! This one is like four blogs in one. By the way, who is "we" who went to the top of the tower and watched Arrested Development. You are going to get yourself arrested doing some of your shenanigans (burning old sofas, making BYU security climb and get out of breath...etc.).

Crowther said...

Nice blog. So with squaw peak burned where will the kids go to make out....I mean to look at the city of Provo?

RobynandJoe said...

I wasn't expecting a new blog when I checked yours, so I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't boring...I'm glad you had your thumbs up in all the pictures. Parker misses you...we haven't seen you in like a week!

Kimberly and Devon said...

What a boring life you lead! Brooks & Dunn would be awesome! Toby Keith is coming here in August--do you want to go?

Susie said...

Busy, busy life! How sad to see the picture of DT- Liz is staying in the remaining ones for EFY this summer so I hope she takes some pictures. What is it that makes being where you aren't supposed to be on BYU's campus so much fun? I think it's that the BYU police are so serious about it all- do they still give out $5 tickets for PDA? Ah, the good old days!