17 June 2007

Dad's Father's Day Shout Out

I found some pictures of my dad on my computer that I want to use to show the many faces of my dad!

Dad loves kids, no matter what language they speak. In Honduras every kid wanted their picture taken with dad.
Dad is generous. He often tells people that I have a scholarship...the Bob Johnson Scholarship. In the above picture, dad risked his and all of our lives when he took out his wallet to give money to a poor (possibly crazy) woman. We didn't end up getting mugged, and the lady was very grateful.
Good thing dad rented an SUV, 'cause I think we gave a ride home to all of these people. It really was like a clown car!
Dad is a traveller. He's been all over he US, plus to Mexico, Canada, Honduras, England, Finland, Estonia, and Japan.
Here's a picture of dad pulling the legendary sword in the stone.
Dad is now grandpa to four grandkids, and he lets them know he loves them.
Dad loves eating out, and has definitely passed the habit on to me. Good thing I've got that scholarship.
Dad likes to have fun! I never knew he could play the fiddle, but I guess he must've learned since he's been in Nashville.
Dad and Taylor both like Disneyland. Maybe we should go there this summer, eh Robyn?
Everywhere Dad goes, the people love him! He has hundreds of good friends in Utah and California, and is sure to make hundreds more in Nashville.

You're the greatest, dad! Have a very happy Father's Day (or is it Fathers' Day?).


Kimberly and Devon said...

Michael what a great tribute! We are so blessed to know that our Dad loves and prays for us each day. He is truly the rock in our family that holds us all together and keeps us going on the right track. By the way, where can I sign up for the Bob Johnson Scholarship?

Diane said...

Thank you for the great tribute. You know me, now the waterworks are starting. I truly have the best son (and daughters).
I thought you were always on the scholarship fund. We're just insuring our secure future on the Michael Johnson retirement center fund.
Someone has to support us in our old age.

Grandma Hand said...

Michael how I loved the pictures and the tribute to your dad. I think that the Johnson family is the greatest. I really love the closeness that you have with your mom, dad, and sisters and GRANDMA and by the way please call once in awhile and let me know that you are really doing GREAT!!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I love your dad, too, Michael! You guys are all great - just like your parents. What a neat tribute.

P.S. Put me on the list for that Bob Johnson Scholarship Fund. Must have missed the sign-up sheet going around.

RobynandJoe said...


Now you AND Kimberly have made me look bad with your Fathers' Day Tributes...I'm a blogging slacker! Just kidding. I'm glad you did a tribute to dad...he really is the greatest! I miss being on the Bob Johnson scholarship fund...maybe I should go back to school. Would it still work now that I'm married? Anyway, I'm really grateful for a dad that has never been afraid to express his feelings and emotions. We always know he loves us. They say that your own father is the greatest real life example of Heavenly Father. It's easy for me to understand how much Heavenly Father loves me because I know how much my own dad does. ANYWAY--long comment--I had to do a mini tribute inside of your tribute. Hopefully dad reads the comments...