13 April 2007

I'm in my favorite place in the world (the BYU Library) reading everyones' blogs and noticed that some of you if not all of you (except for Ashley) have no idea who Sidney Poitier is (or was). Well, let me tell you.
It's really not that exciting. He was in a movie with Katherine Hepburn called Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Sidney Poitier's character was gonna marry Katherine Hepburn's daughter, or something like that, and it was pretty controversial 'cause it was gonna be an interracial marriage. The plot of the movie revolves around the family getting ready for their special dinner guest. I guess it was a landmark movie or something. Anyway, that's who Sidney Poitier is.


Susie said...

I should have told you that I know who he is very well. I have "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" tivo'd in both the scrapbooking room and in my bedroom- it is on my top favorite movie list! Two other movies you should check out are "To Sir, With Love" and "Lilies of the Field". Both would be great movies to rent one night when you have a cute girl you want to cuddle with!!

Kimberly and Devon said...

I did not know who he was...but now I do. Maybe Devon and I should netflix this movie so we can watch it.

Kimberly and Devon said...

Michelle, I really like the links to those cool baby websites you put up on your blog! Maybe now we can put a link to a site that sells cool American Flag bandanas, and lose the communist rags.

"The Bedford Incident" with Sidney Poitier is my favorite movie of his, you should rent it sometime.



Diane said...

Sidney Poitier is still alive. I think he is in his 80's. Recently there has been a lot of talk about a book he wrote called "The Measure of a Man". He says his personal hero is Nelson Mandela. I'm sure Kimberly would remember the song "To Sir With Love" (from the movie). Sara Brandon sang it at PRISM. I should get that movie and watch it again. Love ya!