01 August 2009

An Embarrassing Story About Robyn on Her Birthday

Robyn's turning 29, so here's a great picture and a great story to help her (and us) celebrate.

We are a family of fair-skinned sun-lovers. However, it isn't a healthy relationship--when everyone else gets tanner, we get pinker. Robyn isn't an exception to this rule, though I think she wishes more than the rest of us that she were.

Growing up, she spent the most time tanning (or pinking). That means she also got the most warnings about skin cancer from our parents. Despite the warnings, she hated sun screen, and probably can count on one hand how many times she wore it while in high school.

One of the few times she applied sunscreen, she decided to use it only to strategically cover her moles. After the sun had set and the burns had appeared, she was a spotted mess.

And that's why we love Robyn!

She's in Vegas right now for the weekend with her friends, and you can bet she's spending some time by the pool. Let's just hope that she doesn't come home spotted this time. (But if she does, hopefully there will be pictures and blogs to follow.)

Happy birthday, Robyn.


Christie said...

What are brothers good for if not to remember and retell the embarrassing stories about us?

LOVE the mental picture of a spotted Robyn. Hilarious.

Diane said...

Yay! You finally put up a new post! You better do it more often or your blog is going to look like mine with only posts about birthdays!

Maybe we should all tell a funny story about Robyn...heaven knows we all remember many of them.

Happy Birthday Robyn!!

Diane said...

Is that Robyn in her "Estefan" wig? Too funny!!

Anne Cropper said...
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Michael said...

Yeah, that's the picture from her cruise.

Robyn said...

Thanks, Michael. I really appreciate that. And no, I am not spotted this time, thank you very much! You're just jealous and wish you could tan like me! :)

Anonymous said...

ha ha that is such a funny story! Dang that fair skin!

Missy said...

Yes, we are a family of fair skin, with only two shades.
Isn't it funny how both of those shades start with B?:
Butt-white or
Happy birthday Robyn.

Kimberly said...

You really are the favorite now that you did a birthday post and I didn't. Good job, brother! BTW, when are you going to post about the wedding? I need some pictures to steal!!