13 March 2009

I love my coworkers!

This morning, I walked into the pastry kitchen at work, and all of the crew knew that my birthday was coming up. A few minutes later, I walked into the hot-food kitchen, and the sous chef asked me if my birthday was today or soon. When I asked her how she knew I was about to have a birthday, she said the banquet chef had told her. I was perplexed that everyone knew.

Later, when I was out on an event, I got a call from one of the consultants. She told me I needed to stop by her office sometime today. When the event was served, I walked back to our main office, curious about all the attention I had been getting about my pending birthday.

It all made sense when I was presented with 12 of these.

Apparently, they were made by both the sous chef and the pastry kitchen and most likely ordered by Candice, one of our consultants. A joint birthday celebration effort, if you will.

I know you're wondering, so let me just tell you. They are divine. Think of how much you love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and then multiply that by 65 billion. That's how good they are.

For this, and many other reasons, I love my coworkers. Thanks, guys!


Shirley Hale said...

That is so cool! You have awesome coworkers! It's awesome to get to celebrate your birthday a little earlier too. I think there should be a birthday week or something. Those cupcakes look yummy! I think I may need to eat some of my own! lol.

Diane said...

Are you bringing some with you? If not, you may be sitting at the airport for quite a while!!! Yummm!

Diane said...

By the way...I love the blow by blow tweets about your flights today on Twitter.

Robyn said...

I got the last TWO...and YES, they are divine! Too bad Parker saw them, so I had to share. Happy B-day tomorrow, Miguelito!

Kimberly said...

My mouth is watering just thinking about them! What a lucky guy you are! Happy Birthday tomorrow!

Missy said...

mmmm, I am now going to try to recreate what you have in your hands. It's probably a good thing that I havn't tasted one of yours (that way I wont be disappointed when I eat mine). :)