25 August 2008

Nervous and Snappy

For those of you that know me, I get pretty hard to be around when I'm nervous. Being nervous (and anxious) makes me snappy.

Four years ago today marks the anniversary of the most nervous time of my life. It marks the day I entered the MTC.

I turned my mission papers in sometime in late June. I received my call in Vegas.

Okay, I didn't really receive it in Vegas. Robyn got married on July 3, 2004. On July 9, we all went up to her open house in Utah. I got my call in the mail that morning, and thought it would be great to open it up with the whole family once we were together.

I loaded into the car with my mom and dad and headed out for Utah with my unopened call on the seat next to me.

Seeing it there was hard, and for the first six hours, I really thought I could make it all the way without breaking. I was pretty nervous that day, too, so I'm sure I was snapping at anything and everything that came from the front seats.

By the time we reached Vegas, I was on the verge of breaking. I made a quick plan in my head, and conference called my sisters. I actually had to call one of them and have her call the other. It worked.

Driving north on I-15, with my sisters on the phone, and my parents in the front seats, I opened my call (in Vegas). From the moment I read Honduras Tegucigalpa Mission, I knew it was right.

Six weeks later I was entering the MTC. I had had a whirlwind weekend, spent with family from out-of-town and filled with many goodbyes. We flew out of Orange County, or "The OC" as I had come to know it, on Tuesday, August 24, 2004. It was a very rough goodbye. Good thing I didn't know then that I would be saying goodbye to the house I grew up in two years later.

The morning I entered the MTC, we went to the Little America Hotel's breakfast buffet. I normally loved eating there, but that day, I could barely even handle the orange juice.

Did I mention that one of my new suitcases ripped that morning? Right on the seam.

Anyway, I made it to the MTC, they shuffled us in, we did the little orientation thing with the family, took lots of pictures, cried, said goodbye for two years, and took more pictures. When that was over, I walked out one door, and my family walked out the way they came in.

As soon as I exited, I found that my entire day was scheduled for me for the next two months. I loved the MTC. By the end I was ready to leave, for sure, but I loved the time I had there.

My district was great. They made the experience bearable. It was there that I met Cody, my current roommate.

Hopefully today will be filled with reminiscing, nostalgia, and celebrating (especially the fact that I don't ever have to go back)! It was the time of my life, but, as The Byrds say, "To everything...there is a season." I guess the bible says that, too.

Onward and upward!


Robyn said...

Ha ha! Yes....you are quite snappy and cranky when you're nervous. Watch out, or you'll bite our heads off! Just kidding! You're right...the MTC is a great place, but it's great to know that phase of life is over. I'm still sad that we had to say goodbye to the Placentia house. Oh well...to everything (turn, turn, turn....)

Marie said...

What a sweet trip down memory lane. Thank you for taking me along for the ride- it was quite lovely. I guess I am yet to see you nervous- you always seem to be quite polite and have your wits about you. And how could you forget the most important part of The Byrds' song? By turning, turning, you come round right.

penni said...

I didn't know that about you Michael. I guess we all get a little snappy under pressure. I can't believe its been 4 years. Love ya

Diane said...

Ah yes...the silent trip from Placential to Las Vegas. I remember it well. I should tell my version of it sometime. Snappy? I've actually never seen you quite the way you were that day. If my memory serves me correctly, you were a bit "snappy" when you discovered your call had been "touched" and brought in the house from the mailbox. We knew from that point on that it was better to leave you completely alone until you were ready to talk. I think you spoke your fist sentence that day when we reached the gas station in Vegas (all of you know exactly where I'm talking about). I remember saying, "You want to open your call here at the gas station?!". Luckily you and dad came up with the idea of conference calling your sisters. Otherwise we may have had to gather together a few locals to participate with us at the gas station. Maybe we would have done it inside near the slot machines. Now that would have been memorable. You are right though...you were perfectly at ease once you said "Honduras". I was the basket case from that point on.

Kimberly said...

Happy Anniversary! I read this aloud to Devon and he said he thinks you're not the only Johnson who gets "snappy" when they get nervous/anxious! I have no idea who/what he's talking about!

grandmahand said...

Michael what a trip down memory lane. I remember hearing from you and thinking "Honduras" a place where you would be hot all the time and so went my thinking. I loved your mission and reading your emails. Like I told Nikki we are always kicked out of our comfort zone when we least expect. I do remember my mission call and wondered about my survival but it was a wonderful experience.

Diane said...

Hi Michael,
This is your dad. Snappy really doesn't describe your behavior. I think it would be safe to say little S#%*!!!!!
Fortunately you served with all your heart. Our memory of visiting Honduras when you finished serving will always be a treasure.
Thanks for growing up and maturing so now you are a big S#%* :-)
We love you Michael.

Diane said...

Good thing Dad signed his name to his comment. I'd never say anything like that!

Missy said...

I think I like reading all the comments just as much as I like reading the blogs. Uncle Bob?! :) When I get nervouse, usually I start talking really fast and way too much. I tend to laugh a lot louder than I normally would too. It's pretty annoying, I'm told. Maybe snippy is better. Happy anniversary.

Tina said...

Hahahahahaahahaahahaahaha (snort snort)
Bob, you crack me up!!!
It is so fun to look back on the happy things. I loved the MTC but I was ready to go as well. (I only had 3 weeks there)
When I got my call in the mail, my mom called me at work and told me it was at home. I was going to wait until I got home from work to open it but my mom called again, freaking out that I wanted to wait and said that she took it to her office and I had to meet her there in 20 minutes. I didn't get to wait. The cool part was, my dad showed up at my mom's office to be there when I opened it too.
Even though I only went to Cleveland, it was foreign enough for me.
As for being a little s@#$....I think it runs in the family! (HA)
But I'm an angel, it must have just skipped me....heheheh

Becky Glover said...

Uncle Bob - you are soooo funny. And come on Aunt Diane who are you kidding you would too say something like that - just not on the record:)

I don't have an MTC story- guess it
wasn't in the cards for, maybe later. But I think it's awesome you opened your call in Vegas in the car w/your sisters on conference. It's like when Dan proposed to me at the Top Stop gas station in Bountiful - these great moments/memories in the most random places!