02 July 2008

Home Away From Home

Okay, this is uncanny.

I went to Sammy's tonight with some friends (we were out exploring the Fourth of July Eve's festivities). While we were there, my friends lived the real Sammy's experience.

First, there's my friend Ashley.

Naturally, I had told her about my reuniting experiences at Sammy's, so she was fully prepared to appreciate what was about to happen to her.

We were sitting waiting to order, and she noticed a lady that looked familiar. It turns out that the lady lives in her home stake in northern Utah.

As if that's not enough, there's my friend Ben.

We were sitting outside eating when he saw not one, but TWO people from his hometown, Glendora, California.

We decided that Sammy's is our "Home Away From Home." They let us put this Polaroid up on the wall.

It's uncanny.


Robyn said...

That's it....I need to go with you to Sammy's sometime soon.

Michael said...

Please do.