31 July 2008

Hawaii: Day Three (Food and Fun)

Cody had class yesterday until about 2:00 PM, so until then I was on my own. Of course, I updated the blog, and then I ventured out to take some pictures.

First stop, the beautiful BYU-Hawaii Campus.

Next, I ventured over to the temple, which is right next to BYU-Hawaii. I thought I would show you all some views of the temple you'd never see unless you were here. At least, I know I've only seen it from one angle.

I had to throw a self-portrait in!

Next was Hukilau, a favorite among the college kids.

After that, I went and got some food at the local L&L. By then, Cody was done with class, so we rendezvoused at his place and headed out on the day's activities. Our first destination was Haleiwa, but that didn't stop us from stopping along the way to take some pics and take in the sights.

This is Kahuku, where Jack Johnson went to high school. His music dominates the radio here in Hawaii.

The Sugar Mill, made famous by Jack Johnson's song, "Mudfootball."

Waimea Beach

People jumping off a rock at Waimea Beach

Up the road from Waimea, we found a beach where sea turtles hang out and catch rays. We'll definitely be going back there for some snorkeling and sea turtleing.

These are my new friends, Mike and Lena. Mike's from Kansas, Lena's from New Zealand.

My first night here, I ate dinner with people from the following places: Australia (born in New Zealand), Arizona, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Tennessee, Missouri, and probably a few other places I don't remember. BYU-Hawaii's very diverse.

Next stop was the north shore town of Haleiwa and Matusmoto's Shave Ice, world famous in the world of shave ice. Tom Hanks, Adam Sandler, and, of course, Jack Johnson have visited and subsequently had their pictures placed on the wall.

Here's one more picture for the wall, Matsumoto's!

Have you ever seen such a complicated procedure. Leave it to the Japanese to make an efficient shave ice shop.

After Haleiwa, we headed to the Dole Plantation.

My whole life, I thought I could only get Dole Whip at Disneyland. Yesterday, my reality was put in check when I found a second place on the planet to purchase the delightful treat. I should've known. You're a sly businessman, Mr. Dole!

I was almost as excited to get this as I was when I found out Vampire Weekend was playing in Hawaii.

After the plantation, we headed into Waikiki. Yesterday was the Cheesecake Factory's 30th anniversary, and to celebrate, all of their cheesecake was only $1.50. I hope my friends in the mainland took advantage of the boon that is cheap cheesecake from the Cheescake Factory. The food, unfortunately, was regularly priced.

Oh, so delicious.

And now, the craziness that is Waikiki at night.

Today we're going to the Polynesian Cultural Center, the Disneyland of Hawaii. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.



Kimberly said...

Shaved ice and dole whip...mmmm, that's what I need today! I will be right over...don't go to the cultural center without me!

Diane said...

I can't believe how clear the water is. You'll definitely have to go back for some snorkeling and turtleing. That Dole Whip looks good!! Were you the kid from Tennessee, or did were you referring to someone else?

Christie said...

I'm trying really hard not to hate you for living it up in Hawaii this week.

The dole whip might have pushed me over the edge.

dede said...

The Hukilau! And will you please name a turtle speedy claxton for me?

Lena said...

Woohoo I feel so famous now that I have been featured in your blog.

Grandma Hand said...

What a fun time and I guess that it is just energizing you. Loved the pictures!

Robyn said...

Holy pictures! And where's my Birthday Blog???? Hmmmm? Your sister that woke up at 3:30 am so you could have this wonderful adventure? Just kidding...I'm sure you'll make up for it with a wonderful souvenier! Maybe you can box up some Dole Whip for me. I'm glad you're having fun! Love ya!