16 June 2008

Landon "Landy-Pie" Ford

You may remember Landon from such posts as "Michael's Car Driving Follies (I've been tagged)." If not, you should maybe read that post before you continue.

Landon and I grew up in the same ward in Placentia, but now he and his family live in Bountiful, Utah. Yesterday I went up to see him and his family and to go to his homecoming talk. He left on his mission about two months before I got home from mine, so it has been a while (four years) since we've seen each other.

It was great to see firsthand how much he has grown and changed and matured over the last two (or four) years. Just by watching him, I know he was a good missionary and really "thrust[ed] in his sickle with his might." Plus, he speaks Spanish, so that's awesome.

Welcome home, Landy-Pie. Thanks for being a great missionary and a great friend!


His family calls him Landy, so I naturally started calling him Landy-Pie. I guess people in Bountiful have caught on and call him Landy-Pie, too!


Diane said...

Boy, it's so great seeing pictures of Landy-Pie. Glad he's home and you two could re-connect. Tell him if he comes to Tennessee I'll make some of those "pancake balls" he's been wanting me to make for him.

By the way...you do have a way of giving people nicknames that stick!

RobynandJoe said...

Landon looks SO DIFFERENT! I'm picturing little Junior High Landon in my head, not RM Landy-Pie. Welcome home...hopefully you two didn't have any repeat car driving follies yesterday!

Kimberly said...

Ditto to everything mom and Robyn said. I can't believe he's home. Wow! Is he going to BYU next sememster? I always liked Landon.