23 April 2008


I think my class was officially the last class taking a test on the last night of the last day of finals.

I took my first two on Saturday. The first one was at 2:00 PM (Poli Sci) and then the next one was at 5:00 PM (Spanish). There was no break.

I took the next one on Monday (Geography).

And tonight I took the last one...at the last hour...of the last day (Management Communications).

Did I mention that in the last week I've written over thirty pages...15 of those today?

I hate finals.


Adam is moving out. You've never met him, but now that he's leaving, here's a picture.

We almost deleted it because we (he and I) thought his mouth was too big, but...

Also, I just downloaded that picture from my camera, and found some secret pictures that Marianne and Audrey took without me knowing...unless I just forgot that they had my camera. Anyway, they deserve to be published...mainly because I think it will be best for them to find out by reading my blog that I found them.

Okay, I knew about this one, but it's kinda embarrassing for Marianne, Sam, and Audrey. I was doing homework or something and they came walking by my window, so I took a picture of them.

This is The Truman. It's a creepy, small version of the Tower of Terror located conveniently in historic Provo, Utah. Very creepy, indeed.

Marianne and Audrey scootered over to The Truman the other night while I was at work. They apparently took my camera.

And as far as I can tell, Marianne went inside and took a creepy picture from the haunted stairwell.

And then they scootered over to a memorial park and took pictures with WWII stuff. I heard that they scootered around a giant obelisk, but there is no photo evidence of that...

Their secret picture frenzy has been published.

And finals are over...WOO HOO.


Christie said...

NOTHING better than finishing all your finals. Well, that and finding out your friends hijacked your camera and visited haunted sights and WWII memorials with it.

Michael said...

(Marianne, not Michael) I'm so glad you finally looked at your camera because I have been dying to tell you that I went INSIDE the Truman. I wanted to surprise you though. It met all my expectations in creepiness. Yay for being done with finals!

Diane said...

You would never catch me going inside the creepy Truman! I learned my lesson long ago on a dark and rainy night in the Salt Lake Cemetery!!!

Diane said...

P.S....It's sad we never met Adam. Say Bu bye for us please!

Michael said...

Are you speaking baby to me? Bu buy?

RobynandJoe said...

Don't you mean bu bye not buy? Mom's been around babies all day (and animals).

Crowther said...

I can't wait til I am in that position and being done with finals. Unfortunately I am still in the midst of it all. Congrats on finishing another semester:)

Michael said...

Yes, I did mean bu bye! Thanks, Robyn.