02 March 2008

Sister Carr

If anyone deserved a quick exit, it was Sister Carr. I'm sure if she had it her way, however, she would have outlived us all so she could make sure we all make it where she is going.

There is a select group of people that remind us that being Christlike really is doable. Sister Gwyn Carr will forever live in my memory as one of those people.

On countless occasions and in ways that words are really not adequate to express, Sister Carr proved herself to be heaven-sent, especially to me and my parents.

I love her, I miss her.

Last night I thanked God for having known her.

Sister Carr, her mom, and me

May I never forget her and her example.


Doum said...
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Christie said...

What a beautiful tribute, Michael. So sweet.

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing this tribute. I can see her squint her eyes and laugh in her high pitched little laugh saying "Oh Michael!". You know she really did love you! We will all miss her!

Kimberly and Devon said...

You are so sweet. I wasn't sure if you had a picture of her or not, but it's a good one. She will be deeply missed. I'm sure when you meet her in heaven she will have some more pet turtles to give to you to take care of.

RobynandJoe said...

I can't believe she's gone! Everyone needs a Sister Carr in their life! Love you!

Starla said...

What a lovely tribute.

Grandma Hand said...

Oh Michael, what a beautiful tribute to a wonderful lady. She did have a lot of love for you and your tribute is beautiful.g