29 November 2007

A Bad Habit

Today I decided to travel light to my 9:30 AM class, so I left the backpack at home and walked to school with my folder, book (La familia de Pascual Duarte), cell phone, keys, iPod, and wallet. Walking up the hill without the added weight of my backpack (that probably weighs 5 lbs. when empty) was really nice. It was even better at the end of class when I didn't have to pack up, but could just stand up and walk out.

The problem is that I have a tendency to unpack my pockets when I sit down. I can't stand having keys, phones, iPods, chap stick, or wallets on me when I don't have to. When I got to class today, I left my phone and iPod in my coat pocket, but I put my wallet on the floor under my chair. When class ended, I got up, picked up my coat, folder, and book, and left the classroom, leaving my wallet behind on the floor.

I didn't realize I had forgotten it until I got home, when I decided I wanted to get something to eat and needed my wallet to buy it. I searched my room, not knowing if I had just misplaced it at home, but could not find it. I then walked back up to campus to look in my classroom, but there was a class in session, and I did not want to be like the girl that came into my D&C class a while back and stopped the whole class so we could all look under our chairs for her phone. When no one could find it, she gave her number out, and a couple of guys all raced to be the first one to call it. She found her phone, and gave out her number to a bunch of guys. I didn't want to repeat that process with the class sitting with my wallet under one of their chairs. If they found it, they would probably look at my drivers license or ID, both of which have terribly embarrassing pictures.

Anyway, I didn't go into the classroom, but I did go to the lost and found. No luck there. I went back to the classroom after my 1:00 PM class, but there was another class in session. Still avoiding embarrassment, I came home. I checked my email, and there was one from my professor/dean. He had the wallet in his office. If only I had gone there at 11:00 AM, when I was desperately searching.

I know that purses are not socially acceptable for men, but something must be done. I'm not about to strap my cell phone to my belt, and even if I did, what would I do with my keys, wallet, and iPod (all of which must be carried constantly)? I need something accessible, acceptable, and practicle to prevent any future wallet-losings when I empty my pockets.

Any suggestions?


I am disappointed that no one in my family has posted a Thanksgiving blog. I've been checking EVERY day, and nothing... Come on!


Kimberly and Devon said...

Glad you found your wallet. If that were me, I would have been so stressed out.

Ahem...Devon posted a small tidbit about our Thanksgiving vacation. Mine is coming soon, but where is yours?

RobynandJoe said...

Yeah...I would have been FREAKING out too. Why don't you just do a google search for "Men's Purses"...there will be a lot of options. OR, why don't you just TAKE your backpack to class? So what if it weighs a little more...you'll burn more calories walking to class. ANYWAY, I'm going to do a Thanksgiving blog too...I just have had a sick baby that insists on sitting on my lap ALL DAY LONG. This doesn't work very well at the computer...keep watching. Love ya!

Diane said...

I think it's time we had a discussion about emptying pockets. I'm glad your wallet turned up. I'll bet you were a little nervous. Gee...I wonder why you didn't tell me this when it was happening. Thanks for sparing me the worry. Love ya!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I'd vote for the man-purse, too. Start a new trend. BYU's honor code doesn't say anything about man-purses, right?

Grandma Hand said...

Well, Michael I am really happy that you found your wallet. Wendall has the solution for that and that's why I carry a purse..which does get very heavy and that's his solution. Take care of yourself..it's really cold and slippery. Love you Michael.